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A few words from Anisoara

I think I am a very lucky person!

Firstly I trained as a pediatric nurse then I had the joy of getting to Belgium where I trained as a nursery teacher. Soon after I learned of Lawside Romania Project, the mission that came from Scotland to help orphans, abandoned children and elderly, poor people.

The Sisters of Mercy who run the project inspired me to get involved in the work and this was the moment that changed my life. I really began to see the crying needs of so many Romanians and I wanted to be part of this project, team.

In my work as a certified ergo-therapist I meet so many poor and very ill children and, always I can call on the Project for toys, clothes or even wheel-chairs and various equipment.

Lawside Romania Project can do so much but, if other similar projects followed their example it would be better for us all.


The new home for elderly people in Sector 4 (District 4)

In May, 2004 we received an invitation from Mayor Vasile Mihalache to visit a home which was newly completed and 120 elderly people had been transferred there from a deteriorated building. This new home was a dream come true for the Mayor – he had had an empty school transformed! What a transformation!


The bright colours used in the painting give such an uplifting effect. The home is spacious with small numbers of residents in each brightly furnished room. There are sitting rooms with reclining chairs, the kitchen is superb and toilets and showers are close to the bedrooms. A well-equipped laundry is in constant use. Only one drawback still exists –  there is no lift, and that is essential for the residents on the top floor.

2004 - A new home for elderly people is inaugurated in Bucharest Sector 4

2004 - A new home for elderly people is inaugurated in Bucharest Sector 4

A thing of beauty is the garden which is large and surrounds the out-of-doors. The Mayor Vasile Mihalache hopes to have a little oratory built in one corner of the garden. To hear nearby is a school so the happy voices of children at play should be an added bonus.

The Mayor Vasile Mihalache hopes to link school and home with visits by the children to their elderly friends.


Sister Mary Aloysius

Let me introduce you to…

A most heart rending case is that of little Liviu, he has a serious lung defect and is losing weight daily. He has to be fed intravenously. His grandma cares for him but no-one can help when he begs for a drink of water. Doctors at Budimex (Marie Curie) Hospital in Bucharest say “no, it is liable to choke him”.

I brought him many toys but the one which gave him joy was a fire engine. He had not slept for two nights and days but in about fifteen minutes after getting the fire engine he went off to sleep holding the treasured engine across his chest.

God took him to Himself so we now have another friend in heaven.
Though glad he is free from pain we are left to grieve we could not do more for him.