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From Bishop Logan

I have many memories of my visit to Romania and I am looking forward to my next visit. For me it was very memorable to see the work undertaken by Sisters of Mercy in Budimex (Marie Curie) Children’s Hospital and in the city and the countryside.

I speak regularly to Sister Aloysius on the telephone and get an update on all that is happening in The Lawside Romania Project. For example, I think of the current work being done to improve an orphanage, the ongoing work of beautifying and making comfortable rooms in Budimex Hospital, and the sponsoring of orphans to help get them through University. What an incredible amount of varied and wonderful work!

I think too of how now the St. Therese Parish Ladies’ Group and the Youth Group are involved in the work of the Lawside Project. This is a great start to bridge – building between St. Therese Parish and the Parishes of Dunkeld diocese. Already several volunteers have gone from the diocese to visit and to take part in the work being done in Romania by Lawside Romania Project.


Romanian Children at Play

I would also like to pay tribute to the Press – The Courier and the Evening Telegraph locally in Dundee, and to the Scottish Catholic Observer and the Dunkeld News – for their support in spreading the news of the Lawside Project in Romania – which, would you believe, is beginning its seventeenth year.

Dear Readers, I ask you to think about the continuing story which I hear from Romania. Daily, little children are arriving in Budimex Hospital, some so ill that they die there, some with parents and others who are abandoned, orphaned or from a destitute family.

The needs are great, even since Romania has been accepted into European Union. Costs have doubled for many items such as food, clothes and transport. In the midst of all this, Sister Mary Aloysius considers it a privilege to be able to help in these circumstances and daily to see to needs of the most vulnerable. Elderly people who live poor and lonely lives are cared for in their homes. The “Meals on Wheels” scheme is giving joy and comfort. Particular attention is given to destitute families. I am deeply impressed by Sister Aloysius‘ initiative in just going to Romania and getting into the work which she saw needed to be done. May another person would have said “It’s too difficult. I would like to respond, but I just cannot”.

But she did! And she has inspired countless people since.

Bishop Logan

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