Great Being a Team

When Sister Marie Therese and I set out for Romania immediately after the Revolution there, it was, in one sense “a step in the dark”. To meet the many needs which we saw around us seemed a gargantuan task but, putting total trust in God, we simply applied all our energies to being available for calls from sick children, orphans, abandoned children, or even hospital staff. We could never imagine then, how the Sisters of Mercy project would grow.

The great blessing during the years that followed has been the fact that so many volunteers, having learned of our mission, have come to share the caring and work. They came from U.S.A., Ireland, England and, of course, Scotland. And now – such a big joy, from Romania.
We are so proud to see these volunteers integrated in all aspects of our Mission. Without any hesitation they accepted to work with very ill children, some dying or with eldery people in need or in trouble.
It is always a privilege for us to present their impressions and their emotions.

Sister Mary Aloysius

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