Let me introduce you to…

Steluta is a little girl of 10 years. When I visited her room in the Recuperare (Rehabilitation Room) at Budimex Children’s Hospital I was told she suffered from scoliosis. She sat there with her head practically in her lap. I tried to converse with her but she just lifted her face slightly and smiled shyly. She is one of eleven children and her family is poor. Magic took place when I offered her a doll. Up came her head and those happy eyes spoke volumes.


When teenage volunteers sit on her bed and talk to her I see a change taking place. She may have a weak back through the scoliosis but her great shyness is going and Steluta shines! She and her family will remain on our Lawside Romania Project Programme because we offer to Steluta (‘little star’ in Romanian) a star of hope!



God be with them!


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