Let me introduce you to…

Meet Vasile – a little sad-faced boy of two years and nine months. At first sight you could never guess how ill he is but doctor tells me his life with us will be brief. He has a rare blood disease and, possibly, hemophilia. He is abandoned as his mother just left him and went home shattered after hearing the diagnosis. This is where we are in the privileged position of helping to restore some happiness into his little heart. He loves to be lifted and carried around even falling asleep in the arms he feels so comfortable. It is hard to replace him in his cot and go but – he has his guardian angel and our prayer daily is that this heavenly friend will comfort him.

Across from Vasile’s cot is that of Paul. He arrived at Budimex (Marie Curie) Children’s Hospital on the same day as Vasile and he too is seriously ill – having severe pneumonia. Thank goodness he is slowly improving and it is good to see him smile when we talk to him. Like Vasile, he doesn’t speak but – who knows maybe T.L.C. will cure all that!

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