One Week in Romania


Sister Aloysius at Budimex Hospital


We are shaken to tears when we care for the abandoned babies and there are many in the Paediatric Department on Floor 7. It is a special experience for us to learn to communicate with these abandoned babies who need everything but call only for love. The Paediatric Department is the place where the children need most care so we welcome volunteers to fulfil this role. Even if this activity is taxing, every volunteer declares that every moment spent mothering theses babies is a unique experience and many weeks after they leave the hospital there are phone calls enquiring with emotion as to their child.


There is one place in the hospital where we could never refuse any requests for help. Even in the future we do intend to answer every need if possible. This place is the Recuperare (Rehabilitation Unit) and here the pain is unceasing. Here children who are paralysed or suffer from other disabilities struggle every day, helped by parents or grandparents to take one more step or make one more move. Behind every step that is so difficult is a tragedy at birth or a terrible accident and behind every daily effort and physical perseverance is a dream and in most cases an impossible dream!


Our effort in offering wheel chairs, equipment, frames, special boots, pampers etc. is nothing compared to the sacrifice of mother and grandmother who spend months and sometimes even years in this place hoping, crying or praying.  God is with everyone who works in the Recuperare – this blessing is needed so much!


Every aspect of our mission in Romania is inspired by Catherine McAuley’s life. Her example guides us to support families in need and in a special way, families with many children.


Sister Mary Aloysius


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