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So Many Abandoned Babies

I first volunteered to help out in the Budimex (Marie Curie) Hospital in April 2007 and over the past few months I’ve had the opportunity to witness first hand the volume of people that Sister Mary Aloysius and the Sisters of Mercy Convent have helped even in that short space of time.

Sister Mary Aloysius at Budimex Hospital in Bucharest

Sister Mary Aloysius at Budimex Hospital in Bucharest

There are so many abandoned babies that come to the hospital but Sister Aloysius is always there to make sure they have enough pampers, blankets or whatever else they might need.  She encourages the volunteers to pick up the babies and spend time with them just so they won’t be left lying there all day.

Toddlers at Budimex Hospital in Bucharest

Babies at Budimex Hospital in Bucharest

Sister regularly buys pyjamas, toys, books and fruit for the children in the hospital and will often visit the poor families there to ask them what they need for their kids.  I’ve also seen wheel-chairs and prams been bought for the kids by the Sisters of Mercy charity and just a few weeks ago they bought a brand new incubator for the premature babies in the hospital. This incubator was badly needed. 

Medication and operations for the sick children have also been funded by the charity along with renovation work in the hospital and in homes for old people.  The charity allows Sister Aloysius to do such good work here in Romania, not just for the sick children at Budimex (Marie Curie) Hospital but for the old people and anyone else who needs her help.  



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