The Last View

It was 2008. There are journeys and journeys but, to-day’s, for me, was unusual in the sense that I had no idea of the place to which I was going and I could only try to picture the person whom I was visiting. I was setting out to visit the mother and family of the little Ion Cristian Mirică, who died last week.

The sun shone despite the forecast of rain and wind and, eventually, we arrived at the Cemetery where little “Cristi” was buried – a traumatic moment where we stood and remembered so many little scenes from his short life in hospital. As in a silent movie we remembered his gentle gesture as he played with a mirror or – with wondering eyes looked at a picture of Pinocchio or quietly accepted whatever painful treatment which was given by doctors or nurses. He lived in peace, he died in peace and it seemed as if he wanted not to give trouble to anyone.

We placed our potted plant on his grave and asked him to help us from his home amongst the angels. Moved by the image of his grave, not knowing what to expect further on, we proceeded to visit his family home. Looking at the little and improvised house and trying to communicate with mother we understood why she could not have come to visit Budimex (Marie Curie) Hospital for so many years – she has neither hearing nor speech and is tied to the house by the two other children so could never have travelled such a long and complicated journey.

The barrier of communication could not stop her emotions and tears looking at the nicely framed photo of Cristian Mirică offered by us. Crying, she caressed the photo, noting straight away that no scar appeared on the upper lip which had been operated. She then remarked by a smile – ‘a beautiful child’ and gently and with a slight tremor in the hand she presented the photo to the children. While poverty is very evident, mother keeps a very tidy home (one tiny room) she did not know we were coming but, what a welcome she gave us! Using hand gestures she introduced us to her children.

Sebastian, the seven year old, can speak clearly and is evidently a smart boy. Little baby sister – Mirela – shows signs of resembling Cristi – both of them staying in the same bed with three little kittens and, all the time surrounded by quiet and love of mother. She was so happy and grateful to receive our gifts of food, clothes, cushions, blankets and some money.

Showing gratitude using eyes and hands she placed all our gifts in the right place. The right place in a “house” of only one room not bigger than six or seven square meters with a kitchen half that size…!!!

We left the place leaving promises to return while, mama, weeping, thanked us over and over again.

The last view of the room – in the shiniest corner, Cristian was looking from his photo at his “not-known” family.


Cristian Mirica's burial place


More on Cristian Mirică’s sad story: here and here.

Sister Mary Aloysius

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