Never lose hope

Daily there are stories to tell of many ill children in our Marie Curie (Budimex) Hospital here in Bucharest. There are stories too of mothers who sit daily with their sick children and pray and hope for their recovery. Miracles do happen!

Back in 2005 there was little five year-old Emanuela who, because of a certain deficiency in her blood, was suffering from gangrene in both feet. Mother felt so helpless and was faced with the grim responsibility of having to agree to have the toes amputated. The tears and suffering of that poor mother cannot be described but she clung to hope though a cure seemed impossible.

We prayed together and trusted that Jesus would hear the prayers of his little namesake.

After discussion and extra researching, one doctor gave a spark of hope by saying that in Austria, a medicine could be found to possibly cure the imbalance in Emanuela’s blood.

What to do?

It so happened (providence arranged) we had good friends from Ireland visiting. They are anxious to see as many aspects of our project as possible. With their help we succeeded to bring the necessary medicine from Austria. Within a few days no amputation – Emanuela and her mom have gone home after life returned to her toes.

The latest news is good and we pray that it will continue.

Sister Mary Aloysius


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