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Fatima – An Unforgettable Experience

While I have had great privilege of joining a diocesan pilgrimage to Lourdes before coming to Romania and had faith strengthened through seeing the dedication of leaders there and the patient suffering of so many ill people old and young I often wondered how it would be to visit Fatima.

This year (2007) I was again privileged and very grateful to be given permission to go straight to Fatima from Romania.

There I learned such a lot about the world apostolate of Fatima and, how, from being a parochial event initiated by an American priest – Father Colgan, this apostolate has spread worldwide and had Papal approval on February 3rd 2006.

We stayed in “Domus Pacis”, a house (hotel) founded by this apostolate.

There, all the aims of our Lady’s Appeal to the world are stressed:

– Pro life

– Prayer

– Peace

In our short visit to this wonderful place we felt encompassed by that peace and prayer. What moved me to tears was the thought that three poor little children gave the message from our Lady to the world. Highlights during our stay were the masses torch-light processions and visit to the graves of the children.

Sister Mary Aloysius

Sister Mary Aloysius

Another visit was to Santarem where, kept with reverence in a church is a host which, in the 14th Century, was taken from the church for wrong purposes but was saved miraculously.

Always I have connected St. Anthony with Padua but, staying overnight in Lisbon gave us the opportunity to visit the church where he was baptized and indeed to visit his home nearby.

Back now “at base” with extra energy and lots to tell the children!


Sister Mary Aloysius

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