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Little Gabriela

During ‘post’, or the preparation for the great feast of Easter and especially during the final days before that feast, our thoughts were very much on the sufferings of Jesus for our sake and also on the sufferings his mother must have borne especially during these days. Daily, we witnessed scenes of suffering mothers as they cared for their ill children. Always I was conscious that Christ’s Passion continues in our world!

One case was that of little Gabriela, a patient of Budimex (Marie Curie) Hospital. Mother and father were there, sharing the pain and, daily, I tried to help ease the suffering even a little by visiting them and offering a little coffee or tea and joining them in prayer – a great privilege. But God took little Gabriela home, after much suffering, on Holy Thursday. How could one comfort those grieving parents? Words seem useless at this time. Lawside Romania Project came to the rescue for we could give very necessary help to this poor family.

However, I felt that our greatest support was when we stood with the family to lead the coffin out to the car. Yes, we need more people to be around to support our brothers and sisters in their loss.


Sister Mary Aloysius

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