In honor of my dear aunt Sister Mary Aloysius, who took such good care of us, for the staff of Budimex (Marie Curie) Hospital and all those who’s caring and generosity have saved and healed the lives of many in Romania. My sister Barbara and I had the honor of spending a week there and seeing firsthand their wonderful works of mercy.


How would it be if kindness flowed like rain
If the soft scent of compassion filled the air
If the suffering of another human being was not ignored
But soothed by the sweet balm of mercy and a helping hand?
I’ve seen such a world and I was touched.

Children safe and sheltered – given what they need.
Their little clothes washed daily as an act of love.
“Take my gloves”, she said, “your hands are cold”
Everywhere those drops of mercy fall

Flowers unfold.

Little Angel Gabriel


In honor of sweet Gabriel, born on December 25th 2007, and all the beautiful Romanian children who touched my heart so deeply.


Cherub-cheeked beauty
Christmas child.
Melting my heart with your smile
Reminding me of all that’s gentle and true.


Beautiful children of Romania

Beautiful children of Romania



Ita Keane

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