Modernising and Making Beautiful

On December 5th 2003, in the Rehabilitation Centre of Budimex (Marie Curie) Hospital the opening of two transformed rooms took place.
The modernising of these rooms was made possible by a joint effort between Lawside Romania Project and the readers of My Weekly.
These two rooms are especially for children with various physical handicaps.

The initiative to modernise these rooms was so appreciated by doctors, staff and children in the centre.

Mrs. Luminita Padure, the head doctor of the Rehabilitation Centre, considered this act of modernising “a great gift from God”. The total renewal of the windows, the readjustment of the bathroom space, making two complete units and affording privacy. The most attractive redecoration of the rooms with superb lighting, plenty of colour and the beautiful furniture all combined astonish and make happy staff and children alike.

A 19 year old patient Iulia said: “the children who stay in these rooms will benefit from the superb living conditions”.
Six year old Lacramioara remarked: “I like rooms because they are beautiful. I like the carpet, the TV set, the bathroom… I like everything”.
Another patient, Ionut aged 9 said: “the change is amazing – all the children who stay here will feel like home”.
Both doctors and children would really like to thank everyone involved in the project.
Georgiana, 15 year old, added: “I am very glad that there are such persons who think of the children who need their help. I don’t know how many persons would do such a gesture. Without the support of the ones who contributed to this by sending us a great gift from far away, the beautifying of the rooms would not have been possible”.

Modernising the Rehabilitation Centre

Modernising the Rehabilitation Centre

Monique, a 21 year old volunteer said: “The solidarity between countries is a round-the-clock appeal of the social doctrine of the Church. The new rooms in the Rehabilitation Centre of Budimex Hospital are a concrete answer to that call, therefore a reason of joy for everybody”

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