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One Special Little Boy

Marian was a little 9-year old patient in floor 5 – the Oncology Ward in Budimex (Marie Curie) Children’s Hospital.

My memory or picture of Marian is of a smiling-faced and gentle boy, knocking on my door and entering shyly holding the hand of a smaller patient and always with a request for a toy or book for that little companion, never for himself! I have never met a more unselfish child – always thinking of others, even requesting pampers for a baby downstairs!

Another picture of Marian which is indelibly imprinted on my mind is of the total joy he expressed when he, with others, was taken out for a boat ride or fun and a meal in a park. “Whoopee!” was his shout when he heard of the planned trip. Then his excitement was boundless when he boarded the boat for a trip or raced to find a swing. At the out-door restaurant where Traian Despa had ordered a meal for all, a carpet had been put on the ground by the owner. Marian could not resist the call to do a few cart-wheel turns on that before sitting down to eat. The food was relished by all but a funny scene took place when fresh fruit salad appeared for dessert. Marian looked across the table apologetically “sorry I don’t like soup again” he said, not realising that the lovely bowl held only fruit salad.

Marian’s story is a story of the many children I have met during my mission in Romania. Unfortunately, for Marian and for others, I have to use past tense even their memory is so present in my mind and in my heart.

Sister Mary Aloysius


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