A letter from Florin Raru

Let me introduce you to Mrs. Ecaterina Birt. She is 73 years old and, unfortunately, she lives alone for a couple of years, after her husband died.

She is part of Lawside Romania Project for 1 year and a half and I know her almost from the beginning (approximately 1 year ago).

What can I say about this wonderful lady? She is lucky and blessed for being part of Lawside Romania Project. God saved her from sad loneliness. The Church lends a helping hand, offering her many friends and protection as she lives alone. That’s enough reason to try our best to keep her company and visit very often. She is very happy when we visit her. She doesn’t have children, but she enjoys calling us her children. Although she is a very ill person, she keeps her spirit up, trying to live a normal life, always smiling and being nice.

She is very thankful for being part of this program because she saves money which she could have spent on food and buys herself medicine she needs for her daily treatment. She’s contented with the food she receives daily.

I am pleased to have this opportunity to meet this lady. I learned new things about life from this wise old lady. The most important thing: we are never alone, God is always with us. We are experiencing His love everyday in many ways: Church, protectors and friends.

Florin Raru – volunteer

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