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I cannot stop thinking

It has been a hectic few weeks since I got home and back to work. Still trying to come back to earth after my week spent with. I can honestly say it was the most enjoyable six days of my life so far. I did not know what to expect when I arrived having heard so much from Colin and also what I had read about in the media.
I can honestly say that I am in complete awe at the fantastic work that both of you carry out over there in Romania.

I was telling my wife Karen that I have never really met anyone that I could say was inspirational but that all changed when I met Sister Mary Aloysius; where she gets her energy, enthusiasm and “get up and go” from is just amazing.

I cannot stop thinking about all the lovely kids and their parents that I was privileged to meet during my visit. The one thing that stuck with me was that all these children have had things to deal with that no child should ever have to deal with. Despite that, they all made the most of what they had still smiling and laughing. I never once heard any of the children or their parents complaining about what a tough time they were having.
I can only wish that my take of life could be like that.

I have been doing the rounds with my photo album and telling people of the tremendous work the Sisters of Mercy and the Lawside Romania Project are doing out there in Romania. Claire my daughter is also doing the rounds at school with the pictures and really enjoying it. I am due to give my talk at her school shortly.

Since you showed me around the capital I have been really interested in the history of this beautiful country. I have been down my local library getting some information and am very much enjoying learning about Romania, so thanks for showing me around. One of my friends has been out on a few occasions with his work and we have been swapping Bucharest stories. I can almost certainly say that I will be back again to see more of the good work going on.

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