They deserve everything

Down through the years we have worked with, played with and talked with many children – patients in Budimex (Marie Curie) Children’s Hospital. So many memories, some glad, some sad, some funny.
Starting with the last – one little 7 year-old boy, Laurentiu, begged for a doll. When I explained that, usually, only girls asked for a doll he said: “But I want it for my sister”. He did not have a sister but the doll looked like a lovely baby and it spoke!

Little five-year old Claudiu had many tumors. When I asked him what he most wanted he immediately answered “a machina” (a car). Never did he dream of getting a remote controlled car and this is what we gave him. Such joy – pain was forgotten but I will never forget his word of gratitude. “Sister, I love you and I will pray for you”.
What an astounding promise for, before two weeks he had gone to Heaven.

Ill children at Budimex (Marie Curie) Hospital

Ill children at Budimex (Marie Curie) Hospital

Then there was 15 year-old Florin, a boy very ill with cancer. His request was for an mp3 player (a mystery to me!). However I got just that and mother smiled to see him so happy. A few days later he called me to come to his bedside. Even his mum and dad were very surprised to hear him say “Sister, please can you get me perfume”? Immediately his request was granted and it gave him joy to share this gift with two who shared his room. He was indeed happy but only for a short time – he is now in Heaven.

Cristopher was a 13 year-old artist suffering from cancer. One day he requested a painting set. On receiving this he did some beautiful pictures. These were admired by the local Mayor who himself is an artist. He gave full marks to Cristopher who was so proud of this!
Later, when Christmas and New Year were being celebrated he painted, in large and colourful letters, the word “La multi ani”. But – he too was called to Heaven before that New Year came.

One little 4 year-old boy, Danut, loved to copy all the doctors and nurses did or said. One day there was laughter as he repeated “du-te acasa” (go home to your house) not knowing the meaning of the words. Because this caused laughter he loved to repeat it often. One morning the doctor, treating Danut as a manly little boy said “good morning Danut”. Quickly came the response: “du-te acasa doctor”.

Marks & Spencer in the mall cannot compare with the numbers of females coming to my door in the Budimex (Marie Curie) Children’s Hospital once the news of the arrival of a box from Scotland gets around especially in the Oncology Ward.
Constant knocks on my door tell me there are girls queuing up for jewellery, eye-shadow, nail-varnish, perfume and a variety of toiletries. These ladies are anything from 10 to 18 years! Of course, even they are thrilled to receive a doll!
From another ward a mother of 18 (never having had a doll) comes shyly to request one for her newly-born baby! Requests vary but we try to meet all with a positive response.

One boy – George – longed for a walkman. Of course he got it but so did many others when they spied the treasure!

What about Laurentiu – his longing was for a TV!
Another patient in Oncology Ward – an ardent supporter of Dinamo, dreamed of dressing in a full Dinamo “strip”. Traian Despa headed for Dinamo Stadium and sports shop and, in an hour or so Ionut proudly put on shirt, scarf, cap and shorts and had such joy to display Dinamo colours.

Ill children at Budimex (Marie Curie) Hospital

Ill children at Budimex (Marie Curie) Hospital

We had some rooms refurbished and made beautiful for the boys and girls who are long-term patients in the Rehabilitation Unit.
One girl there was so happy to have a new bed, bedclothes, bedside cabinet and a lovely bathroom with shower said: “Sister, all these beautiful things make me feel better!”.

It is a privilege for us to bring a joy to everyone in pain.
We have represented only a few cases but, in our hearts are stored much more – hard to describe without tears!

We are surrounded by children, youths, mothers with their suffering… we cannot say “no” to their requests because they deserve every joy we can give them!

They deserve everything!

Sister Mary Aloysius

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