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Sisters of Mercy – Our Romanian Mission

It is 2004  and ‘A miracle unfolding’ is how one volunteer describes the efforts of leaders and volunteers during the past thirteen years.

In Budimex (Marie Curie) Children’s Hospital amongst suffering and dying children, in the city where families are on the brink of despair through a poverty which seems to have no immediate solution, in the country where other families are in appalling living conditions, the Mercy Project has brought light, hope and practical solutions in a way which astounds even the ‘givers’ themselves.

Apart from the conviction that all hold in the Promises of Jesus Himself the strength and growth of Lawside Romania Project efforts come from the 100% support from the Convent of Mercy team, in Harewood Ave., and the community in Lawside Convent Dundee where a magnificent back-up team exists with Sister Marie Therese as manager!

Our latest volunteer, Sister Paula (formerly Sister Anne’s Cottage Dundee) arrived just as we planned a social service ‘arm’ for our Project, to help disabled people and persons in need in their homes.

Lawside Romania Project takes care of elderly people
Lawside Romania Project takes care of elderly people

One of our dear ladies, living alone and so happy to have that daily meal, needed to go to hospital for some treatment. Immediately, the team was formed, Sister Paula, Rita Tudor (a social worker) and Betty (a devoted carer) set out with all the necessary items for both hospital and a good spring cleaning (with the lady’s permission) of that little room.
Surprise – surprise! While the lady is in hospital, workmen will come in to repair and paint the room and our social service team will see that all will be shinning on our friend’s return from hospital.

Cases like this will multiply!

Sister Mary Aloysius

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