A Step in Every Day

During my time in Romania I have been in daily contact with such a variety of sick children – a variety of diseases – a variety of characters! For the most part I have been impressed by the positive attitude of these little ones.

An outstanding case is that of Eduard! 2005 was Eduard’s third year in Budimex (Marie Curie) Children Hospital and, when I first saw him in Ward 1 (Pediatric Ward) I concluded (in my ignorance) that he would always be confined to a bed or wheel-chair. Why? Because here was a little eight year-old boy whose legs were much shorter than normal and were so bent back underneath his body that he sat on them. All the time he smiled and showed gratitude and joy to receive any gift; be it coloured pencils, books or toys.

Eduard in a wheel-chair (2005)

Eduard in a wheel-chair (2005)

Doctor Burnei (a famous surgeon here) took Eduard’s case to heart and has done several operations on his legs to straighten and possibly lengthen them. Now here comes Eduard speeding on his wheel-chair, legs stretched out in front but best of all he wants to demonstrate the fact that he can, with great effort, take one step. Back in his chair he assures us that he will, every day, take another step! And – highest hope – that one day he will kick a ball!

Eduard put all his dreams and hopes in this poem named “Rugăciune” (“Prayer”) and sent it to us showing his trust and belief in the power of God. In the first part of the poem he describes with a nice talent all his wishes from God. In the second part we can see his optimistic outlook and the end of the poem moves us to tears: ‘I know to-morrow I will be the winner’.

We know now that with his trust in God’s power he will be able to get a step in every day.

God bless him!

Sister Mary Aloysius

Beautiful poem written by little Eduard (2005)

“Rugăciune” (“Prayer”)

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