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Caring for the Elderly

It was 2004 and our “Meals on Wheels” Programme was at its beginnings. Ever since back then we were all driven by a great deal of enthusiasm and dedication. We knew that Lawside Romania Project can be a good thing for the lives of so many here in Romania.
When Father Joseph, then Parish Priest of St. Therese’s church, Bucharest introduced us to the plight of some elderly people in his care, we never realised how this caring would develop at a rate and in a way that truly surprised us. It was definitely worth considering this Project.

Firstly – visiting the poorest people and getting a picture of their needs.
Secondly – setting in place a means of ensuring daily food for each – our “Meals on Wheels” Programme.
Thirdly – realising the loneliness of the lives of most and getting a group of youths who would guarantee to visit these elderly friends weekly.
Fourthly – planning to set up social services from a volunteer group with a nurse director.

Elderly people in Romania

Elderly people in Romania

Social service would mean visiting the elderly people and giving comfort in the line of listening to problems, helping to bath, washing or tidying up their rooms, making sure there is a comfortable bed.
When the time came for our first visit since the “Meals on Wheels” was initiated the results were truly encouraging and gave us great happiness.
I remember the elderly friends praising so highly the daily food. It was as if they couldn’t believe it is true. It is hard to describe our emotions visiting these beautiful people. It was hard to withhold tears when we heard it said ‘before these meals I could afford a piece of meat only every three or four months’. How to describe the joy of the lady who is able now to have a dinner together with her grandson – which never happened for many years?! Life is totally changed for them for better. Also – life is much easier for another lady who was able to enjoy a proper dinner not just a cup of tea as in the past!

How grateful they all were to the good God who answered their prayers and also to all who support us in this beautiful project!

Thank you very much!

Sister Mary Aloysius

A Big Step into Life

January 31st, 2011 No comments

Bucharest, 2004

Since Maria Sklodowska Curie (or Budimex) Hospital was opened twenty years ago in Bucharest, Romania, thousands of children have passed through its doors. For some of them Lawside Romania Project was able to lend a helping hand. Each child here had his or her special story but none so unusual as that of Danut!

This little boy arrived as an abandoned baby having big physical handicaps. His feet were mis-shaped; he had neither knees nor hip-joints!

From the start he was so very fortunate, for, the doctor in charge of his ward was not only clever and hard-working but he really cared for all his patients. Danut seemed to draw the attention and love of all the nurses and carers too!

Above all, he had a brilliant surgeon in charge of his “case”. Firstly, his feet were operated and special shoes fitted. Next, and by degrees, he had two hip-joints fitted. Danut is fiercely determined and soon we saw him hold on to a push chair as he walked along the corridor and, later, outside. Now he awaits the knee operation.
All this time it was noted that Danut was bright and fast to learn. He needed much more than the hospital atmosphere. Even being surrounded by love and care, he needed education.

Sister Mary Aloysius and Danut (2004)

Sister Mary Aloysius and Danut (2004)

Doctor and staff decided that the time was right for Danut to go to a Nursery School close to Marie Curie (Budimex) Hospital.

And so the day for that big step arrived! Such enthusiasm and emotion amongst the staff! One nurse, with a tear in her eye said ‘Our baby is setting out for his first day in school!’
Doctor in charge stood like a parent to have a photo taken then he and all the staff waved “good-bye”. Danut, relishing the excitement, replied with a wave of the hand and called “Pa (Bye)” to all! A 4 year old off to school!

Who knows what the future holds for him but we pray for health, strength and for God’s fatherly care and guidance for him through the years ahead!


Sister Mary Aloysius

2011 edit: Danut was eventually adopted by a loving family. He underwent more than 10 surgeries intended to restore the joints and the mobility of his legs and hips. He is today attending school and is performing very well. More details on Danut story soon in a separate article.

Sisters of Mercy – Our Romanian Mission

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It is 2004  and ‘A miracle unfolding’ is how one volunteer describes the efforts of leaders and volunteers during the past thirteen years.

In Budimex (Marie Curie) Children’s Hospital amongst suffering and dying children, in the city where families are on the brink of despair through a poverty which seems to have no immediate solution, in the country where other families are in appalling living conditions, the Mercy Project has brought light, hope and practical solutions in a way which astounds even the ‘givers’ themselves.

Apart from the conviction that all hold in the Promises of Jesus Himself the strength and growth of Lawside Romania Project efforts come from the 100% support from the Convent of Mercy team, in Harewood Ave., and the community in Lawside Convent Dundee where a magnificent back-up team exists with Sister Marie Therese as manager!

Our latest volunteer, Sister Paula (formerly Sister Anne’s Cottage Dundee) arrived just as we planned a social service ‘arm’ for our Project, to help disabled people and persons in need in their homes.

Lawside Romania Project takes care of elderly people
Lawside Romania Project takes care of elderly people

One of our dear ladies, living alone and so happy to have that daily meal, needed to go to hospital for some treatment. Immediately, the team was formed, Sister Paula, Rita Tudor (a social worker) and Betty (a devoted carer) set out with all the necessary items for both hospital and a good spring cleaning (with the lady’s permission) of that little room.
Surprise – surprise! While the lady is in hospital, workmen will come in to repair and paint the room and our social service team will see that all will be shinning on our friend’s return from hospital.

Cases like this will multiply!

Sister Mary Aloysius