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A Letter from Bob Barr

We have just received this heart touching letter from Bob Barr, a good friend of Romanians in need and a longtime supporter of the Lawside Romania Project.

I was first interested in the poor of Romania in 1994. For fifteen consecutive years I went to help the poor there and my biggest passion was visiting children in the Oncology Department of Budimex (Marie Curie) Children’s Hospital in Bucharest.

Ill child with Sister Aloysius

Ill child with Sister Aloysius

I nursed my mother at home 35 years ago when she had terminal cancer and now my dear wife Ruth died on 2nd December 2010 with the same cruel problem. She did so much helping me to raise money and send boxes of clothes to Romania all these years. Now, I would like to give the financial support to furnish a much needed kitchen in the Oncology Department in her memory. This would be such a blessing for mothers who have to stay long-term with their ill children, many of them being on the “terminal line”.

Ill baby with Sister Aloysius

Ill baby with Sister Aloysius

I am so happy that everyone, including the Hospital Staff, agreed to call this kitchen “Ruth’s Kitchen”. I am so pleased that my daughters and family are with me in this project. For 16 or 17 years I have been selling goods at boot sales, many times at shops and churches. Goods donated by people who knew me. Every penny made went to help the poor families in Romania. Ever since my wife developed cancer in 2007 I continued sending boxes, money, etc.

I definitely intend to continue this work in the memory of Ruth – my dear wife – but more for the Glory of God.

Bob Barr

Pitlochry in aid of Lawside Romania Project

We just want to mention an event that took place on Sunday 13th March 2011 at Pitlochry Festival Theatre.

Operatic concert group Ensemble performed a programme called Bless ‘Em All, an evening of wartime music and a touch of nostalgia.  All profits from this event have been donated to the Lawside Romania Project.

Thank you very much!


News from Fiona Bruce

We have just learnt that Fiona Bruce set up the Charity Race Night on Saturday, the 5th of March. The location is Caird Park Golf Club, Dundee, Scotland.

Fiona is a dear friend of our Lawside Romania Project and she has plans to travel to Romania on April the 4th.

Fiona said: “We are really looking forward to our visit and are in the process of organising this fundraising event; our friends and family have been very supportive and it’s been good fun.

Our gratitude goes to Fiona, Craig and all our friends that are doing so much for the Lawside Project.

Thank you all!