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Caring for the Elderly

It was 2004 and our “Meals on Wheels” Programme was at its beginnings. Ever since back then we were all driven by a great deal of enthusiasm and dedication. We knew that Lawside Romania Project can be a good thing for the lives of so many here in Romania.
When Father Joseph, then Parish Priest of St. Therese’s church, Bucharest introduced us to the plight of some elderly people in his care, we never realised how this caring would develop at a rate and in a way that truly surprised us. It was definitely worth considering this Project.

Firstly – visiting the poorest people and getting a picture of their needs.
Secondly – setting in place a means of ensuring daily food for each – our “Meals on Wheels” Programme.
Thirdly – realising the loneliness of the lives of most and getting a group of youths who would guarantee to visit these elderly friends weekly.
Fourthly – planning to set up social services from a volunteer group with a nurse director.

Elderly people in Romania

Elderly people in Romania

Social service would mean visiting the elderly people and giving comfort in the line of listening to problems, helping to bath, washing or tidying up their rooms, making sure there is a comfortable bed.
When the time came for our first visit since the “Meals on Wheels” was initiated the results were truly encouraging and gave us great happiness.
I remember the elderly friends praising so highly the daily food. It was as if they couldn’t believe it is true. It is hard to describe our emotions visiting these beautiful people. It was hard to withhold tears when we heard it said ‘before these meals I could afford a piece of meat only every three or four months’. How to describe the joy of the lady who is able now to have a dinner together with her grandson – which never happened for many years?! Life is totally changed for them for better. Also – life is much easier for another lady who was able to enjoy a proper dinner not just a cup of tea as in the past!

How grateful they all were to the good God who answered their prayers and also to all who support us in this beautiful project!

Thank you very much!

Sister Mary Aloysius

Love to All We Met

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Love to All Those Children and Elderly Ladies We Met!

(How Lawside Romania Project changes the lives of many)

In 2008 my sister Ita and I spent a week in Romania with our aunt Sister Mary Aloysius over New Year’s. I have to say it was one of the most worthwhile and memorable holidays I’ve ever had. For years I’ve been meaning to go to Bucharest to see all the good work Lawside Romania Project is doing there, but seeing it in real life was amazing and it was lovely to be part of it all for the short time we were there.

Barbara McAteer

Paying our daily visits to the Oncology Ward of Budimex (Marie Curie) Children’s Hospital, visiting little Floricica, Luis and Gabriel was truly special. The bond we formed with those little babies will stay with me forever. I look at their pictures regularly on my computer and they remind me about the simplicity of life, and how lucky I was to have parents that were always there for me. We spent an evening in the Recuperare (Rehabilitation Ward) with some older orphan children who were extremely excited about the bag of jumpers and little cuddly toys we brought in for them. They were so unspoilt and ready to smile for any little bit of attention that was shown to them.

Barbara McAteer and Luis

Another day with went with Rita Tudor on her visits to three elderly ladies who benefitted from the “Meals on wheels” Programme that was set up by the Lawside Romania Project. Seeing the poor conditions these ladies lived in was hard but it was so lovely to spend time with them and they all told us how much they benefitted from the food that was being provided to them and also from the visits that were set up by the team.  A younger person was going to their home on a regular basis to keep them company. I’m sure this makes a huge difference in their lives.

Traian Despa took us to visit a lovely family, a lady who was looking after her 11 children and whose husband had died.
Lawside Romania Fund had organised doing up their home for them previously which made it lovely and comfortable for them to live in. Although it was small it was very “homely”, and I believe it had pretty much been a ruin before being done up. This was a very special visit, as I too come from a family of 11 children and the children entertained us with songs and poetry the whole time we were there. They were the sweetest family I think I’ve ever met, so pleasant and good natured and very talented.

Traian Despa took us on a visit to “Nazareth” on our last day. There we met five little orphan boys who were being looked after by a carer family which had been arranged by Sister Mary Aloysius and her team. The carer family had two older sons who had been well educated and were a very good influence on these young boys. I was very impressed with the talents of these young boys, who were only too willing to show us their school work and entertain us with songs. They were very good fun to be around and it was obvious to see they had formed a very good bond together as a family unit being looked after in “Nazareth”.

I was inspired and humbled by the love and hard work Sister Aloysius, Traian Despa and the team of staff and doctors put into their work to make the lives of many children and elderly people a more pleasant place to live in. The people they help I feel would have very little hope without the love and support they get from the team. I will definitely be going back for another visit soon, hopefully in the summer time when the weather is a bit better. In the meantime I’m sending lots of love to all those children and elderly ladies we met on our visit and will be keeping them in my memory forever.

Barbara McAteer (itec, LCICI, ARCHTI)

Holistic Therapies Ireland

An Easter Story

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Easter, April 21st 2006

Year after year Lawside Romania Project offers beautiful parties with gifts, food, music and surprises to the children in the oncology department. Lawside Romania Project offers joy for all these unlucky children. Now, for Easter 2006, we had another great party in this ward at Budimex (Marie Curie) Children’s Hospital.

 2006 Easter party


Children were treated with a tasty traditional meal followed by sweets and fruits and, of course, the famous Easter eggs! At the end, the children enjoyed a large cake with fireworks. What excitement and happiness! Each of them also received wonderful gifts. For the children and their parents this wasn’t all. A big surprise came with the visit of a professional clown who performed and amused everyone. The cherry on top of the cake was the live performance of Los Platanos Band! They came to play traditional and very happy music. Unbelievably, in only a few minutes most of the children found themselves involved in a lively dance, full of joy and optimism!

Los Platanos performing live

Even one hour later, when children were back in their beds with tubes connected to the catheters in their little arms, the memory of the party remained on their faces.

I would like to thank Lawside Romania Project for this drop of Easter Light! Thank you on behalf of the staff of the Oncology Ward!


Lamise Bectemir
Registered Nurse at Marie Curie (Budimex) Children’s Hospital, Bucharest