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Let me introduce you to…

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A young 19 year old mother Cristina.  She really attends to all the babies’ needs but it seems she has need of mothering too!  Back home she has left her 2 year old son now she has a 5 month old baby with hip problems needing an operation.  As we see to the needs of little ones it is just as necessary to do all we can to ‘mother’ the mother!

In Oncology Ward too I get a daily shining example of living faith and Christian kindness with mothers sharing a room. Though they have their own child to care for they are ever ready to show love and attention to the others child. One very ill abandoned child Georgiana gets constant visits from children who copy the mums and come to say gentle things to her. Today I noticed she opened her eyes and seemed happy to have these visitors.  She even said her first word – “apa” meaning water. No one had ever heard her speak before!

Child at Budimex (Marie Curie) Hospital in Bucharest

Child at Budimex (Marie Curie) Hospital in Bucharest

Benjamina ten year-old boy who weighed 5 kilos on arrival at Budimex (Marie Curie) Children’s Hospital, no exaggeration. Never have I seen such an emaciated little body! He has several health problems but the doctors and staff are doing all they can to improve his condition, actually I see a slight improvement and my biggest joy was to receive even a tiny sign that he got some comfort from my gently stroking his head, at least he is not totally abandoned!

Marcus too is an abandoned child. He is 3 years old and though he speaks little, he smiles and shows joy when he receives a gift. To get new pyjamas and also a boy’s suit complete with pockets thrilled him and he smiled into my face saying several times “ce faci?” (how are you?). He has pulmonary trouble but is improving with the care he receives.

Up in the Intensive Care Unit of Floor 7 little one year old Gabi lies in his cot unable to move due to his condition spina bifida. One little arm is paralysed but as I sing to him or leave the cassette recorder near him he seems happy.  He always smiles when I take both his hands and pretend to keep time to the music!

In a nearby cot lies Floricica. He too is very ill. He is so tiny and needs much care – which he gets. A little angel! Like Luis and Gabriel, Floricica is an abandoned baby.

Gheorghe is 15 years old and has several physical problems. He comes from far out in the country and has never been away from home. He becomes very agitated as, when given an injection, he thinks people will kill him in the hospital. I sat with him to reassure him. Luckily a young and very kind doctor came and talked reassuringly to him. I hope and pray he will settle down and sleep.


Sister Mary Aloysius

Let me introduce you to…

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Budimex (Marie Curie) Children’s Hospital, Bucharest, Romania, 2007

Here comes Denisa, being taken out by mama in a push chair. At one time Denisa lost all her hair. Now, at ten years of age, it has returned and Denisa smiles constantly as her confidence is returning and her health improving. There are hopes for her recovery as the leukemia was mild. Although she is under heavy treatment she enjoys very much to read some of the books we offer to the children in Oncology Department.
I hope and pray Denisa will be able to read and comment on many books for many years ahead. God help her and her family!


Meet Costica, another abandoned boy. Walk to 3rd Floor and you are sure to see a small really lonely looking boy standing with back to wall obviously waiting in hope that someone will take him out of doors. He looks so like a 12 year old but, actually he is 21 years old. He has a serious urinary problem and is awaiting an operation. He doesn’t speak but, when I appear to take him out in a wheelchair he screams with joy.  Once outside, he loves a session on the swing or a slow walk around the grounds.

Budimex (Marie Curie) Children's Hospital

Budimex (Marie Curie) Children's Hospital

Now on the bed I see little Gratian. He is 5 years old and, like Costica, is in need of a serious operation. What joy he showed when I brought him new pyjamas, a police car and a toy mobile phone. What a shock I received the morning after my joyful visit! The doctor met me on the corridor, in tears, and told me little Gratian had died during the night. I find it so difficult to put my feelings into words. I prefer to pray and my  single consolation is that I paid that visit and shared his last moments of joy.


Adeline always causes people to look and listen as she proceeds along a corridor on her wheel-chair. Why? Because she greets all in English and, when she sees me in the distance, she carries on a conversation in English! What an amazing example of joy in such a young girl who knows her life may be always lived in a wheel-chair!


Meet mothers too – each with a child in arms or on push-chair because that little one is physically handicapped in one way or another. Daily therapy for the child means a schedule to be followed and each mother hopes for improvement in her child’s condition. Yes – mothers too need encouragement!

Budimex (Marie Curie) Children's Hospital

Budimex (Marie Curie) Children's Hospital

Andre has such a lovely smile and a strong determination to walk despite the fact that he has cerebral palsy. Having a bright intelligence he enjoys the challenges offered him in the ergo-therapy room. As he is still only 6 years old there are hopes he will make daily progress.


Moving around the rehabilitation ward with a brush in his hand and doing good work there and in the hospital is a young man – Marcel. As a child Marcel lived in the rehabilitation ward as he had to undergo several operations on his legs. These operations were very successful and now Marcel holds down a man’s job around the hospital. Having saved up his salary he is now in the process of buying a plot of land on which he hopes to build a little house for himself.

Let me introduce you to…

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Stefan is resident in 2nd Floor at Budimex (Marie Curie) Hospital with a serious heart problem. He is two years-old and – when lying in his cot – outshines Nadia Comaneci! He is double jointed and, instead of holding and playing with a toy in both hands, he simply puts his foot up to meet the hand and then hand and foot take hold of the toy. Actually he is happiest when he stands on his head and keeps a steady position by having both feet held on to the top bar of the cot!

Reuben, long term patient in Oncology Department, bounces around smiling most of the time – calls often to my room in search of toys but always in the shadow of another boy.

That other boy is Marian, an abandoned child who feels Oncology Ward to be his home. Who has not meet Marian? He loves to be taken on outings and to be given remote controlled cars. Alas! His constant request is for batteries – so much so – I ask him is he eats them! Always he is so polite that it is hard to refuse him!

Then there is little 2 year-old Raluca, in 7th Floor, an abandoned girl being treated for face malformation. To get dressed and to go to the playroom is her joy. Slowly she is developing a better sense of sharing and doctors and nurses are happy to see her walk proudly down the corridor. You must meet Willie. If he cannot come to you from his bed – he will smile and beguile – so you feel you cannot go without a chat and a gift for him! He knows what he wants and he is not shy to ask!

Another to meet is Robert – colleague of Marian (same salon). He could get decorated with a gold medal for perseverance! Take a photo of him and his friends and, within half an hour or less he is at the door requesting the photo.

Meet the very shy Denisa but very much loved in the 5th Floor. At first she looks sad and ‘distant’ but mention nail varnish or jewellery and her face lights up and it is good to invite her to choose (which she does eagerly)!