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A letter from Florin Raru

Let me introduce you to Mrs. Ecaterina Birt. She is 73 years old and, unfortunately, she lives alone for a couple of years, after her husband died.

She is part of Lawside Romania Project for 1 year and a half and I know her almost from the beginning (approximately 1 year ago).

What can I say about this wonderful lady? She is lucky and blessed for being part of Lawside Romania Project. God saved her from sad loneliness. The Church lends a helping hand, offering her many friends and protection as she lives alone. That’s enough reason to try our best to keep her company and visit very often. She is very happy when we visit her. She doesn’t have children, but she enjoys calling us her children. Although she is a very ill person, she keeps her spirit up, trying to live a normal life, always smiling and being nice.

She is very thankful for being part of this program because she saves money which she could have spent on food and buys herself medicine she needs for her daily treatment. She’s contented with the food she receives daily.

I am pleased to have this opportunity to meet this lady. I learned new things about life from this wise old lady. The most important thing: we are never alone, God is always with us. We are experiencing His love everyday in many ways: Church, protectors and friends.

Florin Raru – volunteer

Let me introduce you to…

Darius and mama have little of this world’s goods yet it is a special joy to meet them. Mama is always so grateful for the least help as her only affordable purchase seems to be “Sticks” biscuits to share with Darius. He is paralyzed so is confined to a hospital wheelchair but he beamed with delight when I gave him a book to colour!
What was his joy a little later when Traian Despa arrived with new wheelchair for himself. This means so much for mama too as she can have this at home and can take Darius for outings.
See Eduard and you, like so many others, will want to adopt him! This is not possible but, to lift him from his cot and sing to him really helps that little one smile and be contented. He is abandoned so our joy is to get him new pyjamas or a toy. Maybe one day a social mother will be found for him.

Orphans and abandoned children

Orphans and abandoned children

Cristi is a big boy of 18 years.
I have known him since he started coming as a patient when he was quite a little boy suspected of having asthma. Always he has been a quiet, polite boy – an orphan. Now, at 18 years it has been discovered he has cystic fibrosis. Wonderful to relate, we were able to add his name to the list of those for whom we provide a free meal daily. Now his joy is great as Traian Despa has called him to come to receive a gift he really needed – a warm pullover and an extra warm padded jacket with hood.
Alexandru practically lives in the intensive-care unit of 2nd floor at Budimex (Marie Curie) Hospital. He has a strange blood disease and is under intensive investigation. I once told him he was a great help in the playroom and now he appears every time I visit and demonstrates how he has tidied and really cared for the play material. All of this tells me such a lot e.g. how good it is to give that word of praise.

Let me introduce you to…

A most heart rending case is that of little Liviu, he has a serious lung defect and is losing weight daily. He has to be fed intravenously. His grandma cares for him but no-one can help when he begs for a drink of water. Doctors at Budimex (Marie Curie) Hospital in Bucharest say “no, it is liable to choke him”.

I brought him many toys but the one which gave him joy was a fire engine. He had not slept for two nights and days but in about fifteen minutes after getting the fire engine he went off to sleep holding the treasured engine across his chest.

God took him to Himself so we now have another friend in heaven.
Though glad he is free from pain we are left to grieve we could not do more for him.