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Once again, Mirică

I remember the Autumn of 2007. Budimex (Marie Curie) Children’s Hospital in Bucharest Romania. Mirică, the little abandoned boy, was 4 years old.

We took him into our care after he had been successfully operated for hare lip and cleft palate. He seemed to be intelligent and knew how to appeal for TLC. In fact the doctors say that it is this care which helped him recover from a grave illness after another operation this time for reflux. Despite many injections he kept a smile when lifted or carried like a baby. So far he was not able to speak nor walk.

We all were hoping that he may yet surprise us like he did on recovering from that last illness.

The name Mirică keeps popping up-literally and metaphorically!
Having had an operation for reflux his health seemed better and hopes ran high. The intensive care staff did everything possible to make his life happy and, of course, his many “mamas” did likewise but for 2 weeks he seemed to be in a coma. One day, those little eyes opened and step by step improvement came. So well did he become that he was transferred back to his original room which was “home”.

November 6th came – Mirică’s birthday!

He had reached 4 years! Such called for a party and the total staff of several doctors, nurses and carers sang “La multi ani! – Happy birthday!” with great gusto.
Then – the cake – with sparkling candles appeared.

Mirică just looked on wonderingly but knew to be happy as everyone else was!

Today Cristian Mirică is long gone but we are still remembering those touching moments…


More on Cristian Mirică’s sad story: here and here.

Sister Mary Aloysius

A Big Step into Life

January 31st, 2011 No comments

Bucharest, 2004

Since Maria Sklodowska Curie (or Budimex) Hospital was opened twenty years ago in Bucharest, Romania, thousands of children have passed through its doors. For some of them Lawside Romania Project was able to lend a helping hand. Each child here had his or her special story but none so unusual as that of Danut!

This little boy arrived as an abandoned baby having big physical handicaps. His feet were mis-shaped; he had neither knees nor hip-joints!

From the start he was so very fortunate, for, the doctor in charge of his ward was not only clever and hard-working but he really cared for all his patients. Danut seemed to draw the attention and love of all the nurses and carers too!

Above all, he had a brilliant surgeon in charge of his “case”. Firstly, his feet were operated and special shoes fitted. Next, and by degrees, he had two hip-joints fitted. Danut is fiercely determined and soon we saw him hold on to a push chair as he walked along the corridor and, later, outside. Now he awaits the knee operation.
All this time it was noted that Danut was bright and fast to learn. He needed much more than the hospital atmosphere. Even being surrounded by love and care, he needed education.

Sister Mary Aloysius and Danut (2004)

Sister Mary Aloysius and Danut (2004)

Doctor and staff decided that the time was right for Danut to go to a Nursery School close to Marie Curie (Budimex) Hospital.

And so the day for that big step arrived! Such enthusiasm and emotion amongst the staff! One nurse, with a tear in her eye said ‘Our baby is setting out for his first day in school!’
Doctor in charge stood like a parent to have a photo taken then he and all the staff waved “good-bye”. Danut, relishing the excitement, replied with a wave of the hand and called “Pa (Bye)” to all! A 4 year old off to school!

Who knows what the future holds for him but we pray for health, strength and for God’s fatherly care and guidance for him through the years ahead!


Sister Mary Aloysius

2011 edit: Danut was eventually adopted by a loving family. He underwent more than 10 surgeries intended to restore the joints and the mobility of his legs and hips. He is today attending school and is performing very well. More details on Danut story soon in a separate article.

Let me introduce you to…

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A young 19 year old mother Cristina.  She really attends to all the babies’ needs but it seems she has need of mothering too!  Back home she has left her 2 year old son now she has a 5 month old baby with hip problems needing an operation.  As we see to the needs of little ones it is just as necessary to do all we can to ‘mother’ the mother!

In Oncology Ward too I get a daily shining example of living faith and Christian kindness with mothers sharing a room. Though they have their own child to care for they are ever ready to show love and attention to the others child. One very ill abandoned child Georgiana gets constant visits from children who copy the mums and come to say gentle things to her. Today I noticed she opened her eyes and seemed happy to have these visitors.  She even said her first word – “apa” meaning water. No one had ever heard her speak before!

Child at Budimex (Marie Curie) Hospital in Bucharest

Child at Budimex (Marie Curie) Hospital in Bucharest

Benjamina ten year-old boy who weighed 5 kilos on arrival at Budimex (Marie Curie) Children’s Hospital, no exaggeration. Never have I seen such an emaciated little body! He has several health problems but the doctors and staff are doing all they can to improve his condition, actually I see a slight improvement and my biggest joy was to receive even a tiny sign that he got some comfort from my gently stroking his head, at least he is not totally abandoned!

Marcus too is an abandoned child. He is 3 years old and though he speaks little, he smiles and shows joy when he receives a gift. To get new pyjamas and also a boy’s suit complete with pockets thrilled him and he smiled into my face saying several times “ce faci?” (how are you?). He has pulmonary trouble but is improving with the care he receives.

Up in the Intensive Care Unit of Floor 7 little one year old Gabi lies in his cot unable to move due to his condition spina bifida. One little arm is paralysed but as I sing to him or leave the cassette recorder near him he seems happy.  He always smiles when I take both his hands and pretend to keep time to the music!

In a nearby cot lies Floricica. He too is very ill. He is so tiny and needs much care – which he gets. A little angel! Like Luis and Gabriel, Floricica is an abandoned baby.

Gheorghe is 15 years old and has several physical problems. He comes from far out in the country and has never been away from home. He becomes very agitated as, when given an injection, he thinks people will kill him in the hospital. I sat with him to reassure him. Luckily a young and very kind doctor came and talked reassuringly to him. I hope and pray he will settle down and sleep.


Sister Mary Aloysius