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Once again, Mirică

I remember the Autumn of 2007. Budimex (Marie Curie) Children’s Hospital in Bucharest Romania. Mirică, the little abandoned boy, was 4 years old.

We took him into our care after he had been successfully operated for hare lip and cleft palate. He seemed to be intelligent and knew how to appeal for TLC. In fact the doctors say that it is this care which helped him recover from a grave illness after another operation this time for reflux. Despite many injections he kept a smile when lifted or carried like a baby. So far he was not able to speak nor walk.

We all were hoping that he may yet surprise us like he did on recovering from that last illness.

The name Mirică keeps popping up-literally and metaphorically!
Having had an operation for reflux his health seemed better and hopes ran high. The intensive care staff did everything possible to make his life happy and, of course, his many “mamas” did likewise but for 2 weeks he seemed to be in a coma. One day, those little eyes opened and step by step improvement came. So well did he become that he was transferred back to his original room which was “home”.

November 6th came – Mirică’s birthday!

He had reached 4 years! Such called for a party and the total staff of several doctors, nurses and carers sang “La multi ani! – Happy birthday!” with great gusto.
Then – the cake – with sparkling candles appeared.

Mirică just looked on wonderingly but knew to be happy as everyone else was!

Today Cristian Mirică is long gone but we are still remembering those touching moments…


More on Cristian Mirică’s sad story: here and here.

Sister Mary Aloysius

Never Forget Old People

January 31st, 2011 No comments

To love the person next to you like you would love yourself is what God said.

The person next to you could be your brother or it could be a stranger. No matter who the person is, if they have problems in life then we should do our best to help them.

Lawside Project for elderly

Lawside Project for elderly

We, the Parish youth group, organize and promote this type of activity with our curate from St. Teresa’s Church in Bucharest and with our social worker Rita Tudor. We are working on a very special project in which we identify the old people in society who need help and then we try to improve their lives in some way. In general the people we visit don’t have any family or friends and are alone and forgotten.

We must take better care of our old people and make sure they are not forgotten.

Cristina Petrencic

Volunteer for “Meals on Wheels” Programme, 2007

Now it is better

November 20th, 2009 No comments

Today is Saturday.
The weather is beautiful and, very importantly, the traffic is not busy at all.

Therefore we decided to pay a visit to the Orphanage where there are many children with mental problems. We went there to deliver clothes, educational toys and gifts for the children. On our arrival in the orphanage we were happy to see a group children chatting and playing in the garden, well assisted by two carers.

Tancabesti Orphanage

Tancabesti Orphanage

As we approached, the children recognised us and ran to welcome us. One of them was Georgiana, an old “friend” of ours who was very proud showing us the “jewellery” she got from us on a previous visit there. Soon we were surrounded by children who were overjoyed to receive a new t-shirt, trousers and slippers. Considering our first visit to the orphanage when the children were half undressed and screaming and grabbing clothes from our bags no matter what size, we realized that now it is much better! The group of children is not very large this time and definitely better organized by the carers.

Led in by the director of the Orphanage we went to visit the gymnasium. There we noted with satisfaction some children playing table tennis, others jumping on the trampoline and on the climbing frame. Five years ago the teachers in the Orphanage expressed a great desire for a place where the children could spend their energy. Soon we started the project “Gymnastic room for the Orphanage” and, in less than eight months two rooms were completely refurbished and transformed into a quite large, fully equipped gymnastic room. Today, instead of nervous, bored children spread around the Orphanage we found them burning that energy while playing in the gymnasium. This is much better!

Next door to the gymnasium is a little classroom very colourfully decorated, furnished with tables and chairs and filled by the voices of six lively children looked after by a teacher. Two boys were constructing a palace out of Lego bricks while three girls were doing the colouring of storybooks. Ionela, a ten year-old girl, impressed us. She was rocking her doll –baby with a motherly expression. Her beautiful, big black eyes were watching the “baby” and giving it the love and affection she herself had probably missed. She gladly accepted our hug but did not allow us to touch her dolly.

Tancabesti Orphanage

Tancabesti Orphanage

Looking at this lively classroom we realized that now it is better than a few years ago when we visited a dark classroom and got surrounded by a group of bored, irascible children. Things are no longer this way. Marian, a tall boy of seventeen years of age, welcomed us to his bedroom – a big room of about twenty beds. Now the room looked bright and clean – so different from one previous visit when we decided to do something to improve the look of the bedrooms. We are now seeing clean beds, new mattresses and bed sets. Add the refurbished floors, walls and windows and find a complete change of atmosphere. The nicest moment came when Marian returned to the room and could not recognise his bed – the new covers on every bed were confusing him. He even asked for permission to sit on his own bed!

Tancabesti Orphanage

Tancabesti Orphanage

Look at the bedrooms! Look at those new decent toilets! Feel the atmosphere in the Orphanage!

We definitely say once again: Now it is better!

Sister Mary Aloysius