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After sister Aloysius’ departure

January 29th, 2013 No comments

Dear Friends,

The passing of time will help, as it always does, with curing the ache and healing the wounds left by Sister Aloysius’ departure and I am sure that in due time joy and gratitude will prevail in our remembrance of her.

Take from my heart all painful anxiety, let nothing sadden me but sin” prayed in her ‘Suscipe’ venerable Catherine McAuley, foundress of the ‘Sisters of Mercy’.

Let’s follow her wise exhortation.
We were glad to see at Sister Aloysus’ departure Service the extent of the appreciation she enjoyed. People of higher or lower standings, religious or lay, all paid their last tribute to ‘Sister’. From Great Britain travelled to Bucharest Father Colin Gordon (Scotland) and six friends from ‘Sisters of Mercy‘: Sr. Evelyn Gallager, Sr. Mary McGrath, Sr. Austin Costelo , Sr. Anna Maloney, Sr. Paula McGilloway, and Sr. Rose Carmel.
From the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Bucharest were there to attend the ceremony Bishop Cornel Damian, Fr. Farcaş Nicolae, six priests from the St. Theresa Church and the Seminary, nuns and choir of the Popeşti Leordeni Monastery and nuns from other orders from Bucharest. Their service and chanting will be not forgotten.

But none of those eager to accompany ‘Sister’ were more touched there than those whose ailments were comforted by her words and served by her body for so many years: the orphans, the elderly, the boys from Nazareth House, patients from Budimex Hospital, and many others. Together with the volunteers, nurses and doctors, also present at the service, they recreated for the last time the ‘mission field’ of our dear Sister, lined up in a ‘good bye’ ceremony in a sunny winter day.

We shall grieve indeed, over her departure, but not too much. For we know that: “He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning nor crying nor pain any more, for the former things have passed away.” Rev.21:4

With this thought in mind let’s carry on, dear friends, each of us, with a life she would smilingly approve.

Thank you,
Traian Despa

Sister Mary Aloysius Kiernan

January 23rd, 2013 No comments

Dear friends,

On the night 13/14th of January 2013 Sister Aloysius went to be with her Lord. She entered painlessly in that night (she confidently returned my ‘good night’ wish on the phone before she went to bed) to wake up in a glorious, never-ending morning.

As we all know, ‘sister’ –  that’s how everybody called her around here – won the respect of the grown-up and the love of the children. But not any children, those who were passed by almost everybody else’s love. The abandoned and the forgotten. So many of them breathed easier because she lived.

Now the time has come for her to rest.

May she rest in peace!

The love she earned in our hearts will never die.

Sister Mary Aloysius Kiernan dies at 89

Sister Mary Aloysius Kiernan dies at 89

The burial procession was held on Tuesday 22nd January 2013 at Saint Teresa of the Child Jesus Parish in Bucharest, Romania.


Traian Despa


Caring for the Elderly

It was 2004 and our “Meals on Wheels” Programme was at its beginnings. Ever since back then we were all driven by a great deal of enthusiasm and dedication. We knew that Lawside Romania Project can be a good thing for the lives of so many here in Romania.
When Father Joseph, then Parish Priest of St. Therese’s church, Bucharest introduced us to the plight of some elderly people in his care, we never realised how this caring would develop at a rate and in a way that truly surprised us. It was definitely worth considering this Project.

Firstly – visiting the poorest people and getting a picture of their needs.
Secondly – setting in place a means of ensuring daily food for each – our “Meals on Wheels” Programme.
Thirdly – realising the loneliness of the lives of most and getting a group of youths who would guarantee to visit these elderly friends weekly.
Fourthly – planning to set up social services from a volunteer group with a nurse director.

Elderly people in Romania

Elderly people in Romania

Social service would mean visiting the elderly people and giving comfort in the line of listening to problems, helping to bath, washing or tidying up their rooms, making sure there is a comfortable bed.
When the time came for our first visit since the “Meals on Wheels” was initiated the results were truly encouraging and gave us great happiness.
I remember the elderly friends praising so highly the daily food. It was as if they couldn’t believe it is true. It is hard to describe our emotions visiting these beautiful people. It was hard to withhold tears when we heard it said ‘before these meals I could afford a piece of meat only every three or four months’. How to describe the joy of the lady who is able now to have a dinner together with her grandson – which never happened for many years?! Life is totally changed for them for better. Also – life is much easier for another lady who was able to enjoy a proper dinner not just a cup of tea as in the past!

How grateful they all were to the good God who answered their prayers and also to all who support us in this beautiful project!

Thank you very much!

Sister Mary Aloysius