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News from Fiona Bruce

We have just learnt that Fiona Bruce set up the Charity Race Night on Saturday, the 5th of March. The location is Caird Park Golf Club, Dundee, Scotland.

Fiona is a dear friend of our Lawside Romania Project and she has plans to travel to Romania on April the 4th.

Fiona said: “We are really looking forward to our visit and are in the process of organising this fundraising event; our friends and family have been very supportive and it’s been good fun.

Our gratitude goes to Fiona, Craig and all our friends that are doing so much for the Lawside Project.

Thank you all!

Never Forget Old People

January 31st, 2011 No comments

To love the person next to you like you would love yourself is what God said.

The person next to you could be your brother or it could be a stranger. No matter who the person is, if they have problems in life then we should do our best to help them.

Lawside Project for elderly

Lawside Project for elderly

We, the Parish youth group, organize and promote this type of activity with our curate from St. Teresa’s Church in Bucharest and with our social worker Rita Tudor. We are working on a very special project in which we identify the old people in society who need help and then we try to improve their lives in some way. In general the people we visit don’t have any family or friends and are alone and forgotten.

We must take better care of our old people and make sure they are not forgotten.

Cristina Petrencic

Volunteer for “Meals on Wheels” Programme, 2007

A Letter from Gerard McILROY

November 29th, 2009 No comments

On arriving in Romania I did not know what to expect. Of course I had seen the news reports on television detailing the plight of the orphans in this country but that was not enough to make any judgments.

What I found in 2005 was a beautiful country full of fantastic people, young and not so young! But it was the Lawside Romania Project and its leaders which really impressed me and to see what has been achieved during the fourteen years of the Project’s existence would be an amazing story to tell.

Children in Romania
Children in Romania

Not only has food been put on plates and money in the pockets of many destitute families but – more importantly, smiles have been put on faces of these needy people.

Thinking back on my experiences with a family of eleven children with very little of this world’s goods and of Nazareth (the Sisters of Mercy house for children in Bucharest) where five little abandoned boys live a happy family life, and also the mothers and children in the Budimex (Marie Curie) Hospital, brings a tear to my eyes – not tears of sadness but of joy! Joy of seeing faces light up when any of the Lawside Romania Project team visits them, bringing gifts or simply being there to shake their sufferings.

Children in Romania
Children in Romania

This is a wonderful Project which has made an extraordinary difference to hundreds if not thousands of people.

I am honoured to have been part of the Lawside Romania Project volunteers and can truly say this has been an influence for good in my life and, for this I am grateful.

Gerard McILROY